The loss of common courtesy

This will not be the most positive post to start this new version of the Chronicles of the 21st century. But it has been bothering me for quite a while now and I’d like to write about it, as I have the feeling that I owe it to my inner self.

I do realise it is hypocritical to use an online medium to postulate my opinion, as I am about to criticise people publishing their opinion

all over the social media available.  Please indulge me.

The internet has become a place where courtesy, respect and consideration have been completely obliterated. I work as a copywriter, so I am forced to spend quite some time online every day. I also enjoy to be updated on news, facts and figures. To me, the internet is my personal library in which I can find or verify every fact I want. To me, it’s the equivalent of huge decorated book gallery, art and tapestries, the smell of wood, impregnated with the scent of knowledge. A bastion of possibilities, a palace of memories, a galaxy of ideas to be explored.

However, that picture has been shattered. My peaceful library has turned into a post-apocalyptic world. There is only chaos. Everybody is out for each other’s throat. It is a verbal warzone, where decency, respect and common courtesy have vanished like dewdrops in the desert. There is havoc, pseudo-science, bashing, profanity, disrespect, vulgarity, rudeness, psychopathy, and a vast variety of other pejorative terms that rule this online world. People online, are savages.

Social media has given everybody the illusion that their opinion is law. Everybody believes in the absolute truth, or rather, their absolute truth. Other people’s beliefs are discarded as rubbish and trash, as easy as you delete an e-mail. It is dehumanization and the glorification of the own self in its purest form. Let’s post selfies of myself while I body-shame others. Let’s post my vlog while I discredit others. Let’s share my awesome life on Facebook, while I bash people who support a different football club, calling them all sorts of profanities.

When will this attitude spill out in the real world. When will these pent up base emotions burst out of the masses. When will humanity regress, as it is paradoxically doing while we’ve never been this technologically advanced, ever.
There is nothing wrong with believing in something, and standing up for yourself. But everybody seems to have forgotten that you can do that without all the above mentioned indicators. It truly saddens me. Mutual understanding can only be achieved if one listens to other people.  You don’t necessarily have to agree with them. I disagree with a plethora of things. And sometimes I also like to think that there are enough people who should just shut the fuck up, to put it bluntly. Alas, this is not the correct path to follow. It is not the decent thing to do.

But why are people losing that decency? What has aroused them to behave like animals online? Why are they so brutal, so unforgiving, so vain and arrogant as to degrade in these keyboard warrior discussions? What’s the point? What good has come from it? Having a discussion or argument consists of bringing arguments to the table. I think that in the entire history of humankind, never has a good result been achieved by verbally assaulting people.

I just don’t understand. Do you?

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