Monday = Clean slate day

Hi everyone.

I just wanted to tell you about my view on Mondays. A lot of people think Mondays are pretty bleak. They have a bad connotation, especially when you’ve had an amazing weekend, and are still afterglowing with all the fun you’ve had. Or, like my best friend, you dislike your job, and that gloomy Monday dread already narrows your field of vision on Sundays and infests your Sunday too. Hey, it happens, and that’s just fine.

But try and think of it this way: Mondays also signal the start of an entire new fresh week. I’m usually brimming with ideas to implement, because weekends often give me inspiration to make small adaptations to my lifestyle, or start with new projects!

For example, this week I’m thinking of accomplishing the following:

  • Scheduling a Try-out lesson Cross-fit (there’s a crossfit gym really close to work, and it would be genuinely handy to just do it after work and avoid the busy commute home)
  • Writing a steady flow of blog posts
  • Meal prepping (Going a bit vegetarian this week) and chores! (Really need to clean the bathroom)
  • Finishing Catch-22 (which I started during my holiday in Georgia and Armenia)
  • Start running 1 to 2 km in the morning after I wake up: I had/have a cartilage injury to my right knee, and it’s slowly getting there so I want to strengthen it!

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, continuous improvement is very important to me. And although I lead a busy life (my commute doesn’t make it easier at the moment), I really try to maximise my output. I’m not telling you that it’s always as efficient as I envision it: I’m often left frustrated at my rising mountain of “missions” and my lack of time to complete them. Sometimes I also need to just sit down for an hour and contemplate things.

Still, because there’s only 24 hours in a day and 7 days a week, doing it one step at the time is the only thing you can do. Don’t skimp on sleep! It’s important to maintain your energy levels. Furthermore, I have plenty of ideas to share time-management “life-hacks” with you, but that’s for future posts!

In the meanwhile: it’s better to have things to do and have projects to focus on!

Keep your mind and body flexible and dynamic, one step at a time!

Take care

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