3 improvements I’ve made to my digital office

I love my job as an editor/copy writer, I work with an amazing team and I make a decent enough living. I have nothing to complain about. But the downside of working an office job is the enumerable hours of sitting down in front of a computer screen. If I would work in construction I would probably lament on the physical strain of my job and even wish to have a breather in front of a screen. Who knows? The grass will always seem greener anyhow.

Because I look at a screen about 8 hours a day, I’ve made it a point to avoid screens as much as I can during the rest of the day. I therefore try to minimize smart phone usage (although I still fiddle with the thing at least an hour per day I calculate), and avoid watching TV (but I still own a Netflix account and will enjoy Rick and Morty before going to bed). You’ll see me strolling through the office with a newspaper when I go the bathroom, and will subsequently avoid plunging my smartphone in the deep curvy bastion of the toilet plumbing system.

To deal with this sedentary lifestyle and the challenge of working online all the time, I’ve made some adjustments to my “digital working environment”. Here’s a short overview!

Flex your legs: Standapp Chrome extension

This chrome extension is an easy way to keep those legs supple. The standapp extension just shows you a small popup signal every 20 minutes (you can decide the intervals yourself) so you have a cue when you should stand up and have a stroll through the office. I tend to stretch a bit instead of walking around, and my colleagues are quite used to it. You would be surprised how quickly 20 or 30 minutes pass, and if I wouldn’t have this popup, I would just sit for hours at a time. Not a good idea. I have another colleague who will often stand up straight during calls or telephone conferences, and I think it’s a great habit. People in offices really need to get strong signals that moving is very important. Sitting apparently is, the new smoking.

Escape reality with Earth view from Google Earth

Our offices are surrounded by sinewy snakes of highway, writhing and coursing all day, incessantly pumping on traffic, pumping out smog, and dulling the senses. I need a break of all this, and occasionally remind myself that there’s a bigger brighter world out there! And I get that escape every time I open a new tab in chrome. This Earth view extension shows you a beautiful aerial photograph as a tab background, every time you open a new tab.

Wikipedia random page generator

Something that tons of people already know about: I literally only discovered it this week. If you change your home page to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Random , you’ll get a random wiki article every time you open your browser. It’s a great way to learn random facts and figures. I got the idea from the auteurs of “Algorithms to live by”. Interesting read by the way.


I know not a lot of people read this, but if you do: thank you! If you have comments or questions, please don’t hesitate to leave them below!

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