Rainy Disney Day

Hello dear readers!

It’s been over a week since I last blogged. I know it’s not good. I’ve been relaxing a bit more to be honest: getting in additional blogposts after a day behind the good old screen was tedious, and I’ve been consciously skipping more and more screens. Everything ganged up on me, but I’ll elaborate in a future post. Sometimes you have good days, sometimes they’re a bit darker.

I recently celebrated my 29th birthday, without much fuss. I don’t like birthdays like I used to. As I said, too much fuss: I rather just spend a nice day doing the things I like, instead of having an unrelenting stream of co-workers congratulating me on something I do every day: ageingJ. I did celebrate with a couple of my closest friends and my girlfriend. She’s heavily into birthdays, and that translated in a surprise ticket to Disneyland! Unlike birthdays, I do like amusement parks. Not that I have a subscription or anything, but I have a vivid imagination, and to me, going to an amusement park is as good an escapism days as it gets. My personal European favourite is Phantasialand, which is located in Germany. (Belgium is conveniently located between France, the Netherlands and Germany, so driving there is a valid option).

We drove to Meaux, which is a 20 minute drive away from the park on Friday evening, shared a half bottle of wine and a Cesar’s salad in our budget hotel room (she did all the prep!) and were ready and excited to go Disneyland Paris! Our tickets required us to choose one of the two parks: either Disneyland Paris or Walt Disney Studios. The latter was our favourite pick, as it has a few adult roller coaster rides and I had never visited the studios before. Even some rain couldn’t spoil the fun. We managed to get cheap tickets, because we were baffled by the prizes. Kids, if you have 2 loving parents that treat you to a day at Disneyland Paris with, let’s say, 2 siblings or friends, buy you Disney food and a souvenir, they’ve probably just spend around 600 euro’s. Just saying.

Our personal favourite attraction was the most “analogue” of them all: a Disney animator explaining to about 20 people how to draw the face of a famous character, step by step. The animator stands in front of the students, and draws out the schematic of the character and guides the audience through the sketching steps. It’s really broken down to the bare minimum: “draw a cross first”, “follow up by dividing a line in 3 equal parts”, etc. Very enjoyable! I constantly had the idea I was creating a monster until I literally looked at the bigger picture in the end. As a bonus, the teacher’s large example draft was raffled at the end of session. We were very lucky (or the guy liked my girlfriend’s Minnie Mouse ears), and we got a sketch of Mickey Mouse, right at the final session of the day.
We’re planning on framing it and use it as decoration when we move in together. Which is going to deserve an entire separate blog post of its own.


Thanks for the read! If you have questions, comments or requests, please don’t hesitate to share below!

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