Why 2018 will be better than 2017

Dear readers or future readers,

I wish you all a super 2018. Every year I set new challenges for myself because I strongly believe in New Year’s resolutions.

Actually, I believe in resolutions all year round, but there is something about New Year’s Eve that helps me (and every other resolutionairy) move forward.
Gym owners are undoubtedly already smirking

2017 was a tiresome year. But there were plenty of seeds planted and I am planning to reap the benefits in 2018:

  • In 2017 I met my girlfriend – In 2018 we start living together
  • In 2017 I continued my fitness goals but was injured – In 2018 I’m working with a dynamic physiotherapist¬†to return to the fighting game and take up jiu-jitsu and striking
  • In 2017 I didn’t have any (paid) holidays but consolidated my work and got a raise – In 2018 I have earned my free time and can count on a solid basis of collegial support, and have acquired more knowledge on how to do my job better
  • In 2017 I was searching a routine in which I felt comfortable in my home country, since I always feel cramped when shoved into a 9 to 5 lifestyle¬† – In 2018 I’m certain of my goals and focus points
  • In 2017 I visited Ireland, Georgia and Armenia (unpaid holidays) – In 2018 I visit Vietnam with my SO, my favorite travel partner up to this point.
  • In 2017 life got in the way of keeping in touch with friends – 2018 will be the start of intensified e-mailing and restrengthening old bonds, with the marriage of one of my best friends!
  • In 2017 I learned alot about calisthenics, dieting and a healthy lifestyle – In 2018 I will continue to become stronger, have a larger arsenal of recipes and training exercises available, becoming my fittest ever on my 30th birthday

And the most important seed of all…

In 2017 my father was diagnosed with cancer and underwent the bulk of his therapies.
In 2018 he is on the road to recovery, and will hopefully be cured. And that is actually the only thing that truly matters.

Thanks for your attention. Your comments and responses are always appreciated.
What are your resolutions? Will 2018 be a special year for you and why? Let me know!



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